When we initiated the All who can’t hear must feel merch development process, the principles we prioritized above all were ensuring that, in whatever we made, fans got the quality, transparency, and sustainability that they deserve. We’re so happy to share these offerings we’ve created for you, and we hope you love wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them. Inspired by Lorde’s refreshing Solar Power campaign in 2021, the blanks in this release were proudly sourced from Everybody.World, an ongoing experiment exploring sustainability in apparel. While we aimed to provide a variety of items at differing price points, please know that the higher prices of these items compared to what you might be used to seeing from major label artists represent our commitment to fair wages, sustainable practices, and providing you with premium pieces that we touched and wore ourselves before they ever made it to you. As always, thank you for your support.

Jaboukie and Tiffany Champion, project creative director